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March 11-12  Logan Martin Team


1) Rob M/Mark R
2) Steve G/ Joe T
3) Bill S/Dave F
4) Scott/Kathy F
5) Mark B/Mark P
6) John Hackney/Ethan S
7) Chris R/Jules D
8) Jerry N/Maurice G

Lake Conditions:

Stained 63º and 3 feet low

Sat weather was sunny and a bit windy

Sunday we waited out a thunderstorm to launch a bit late.  Then it was a little light rain with peeks of sun and light wind.  Lots of fish were caught, but big ones were hard to find.


1st -  Jerry and Maurice - 21.26lbs

2nd - Johnny and Ethan - 19.46

3rd - Steve and Joe T - 19.16

Big Fish - Scott - 3.53

March 26   Lanier

Launching at Vanns Tavern - SL til 3:30


 1) Josh F (PM)/Ethan S
2) Sterling R/Joe T
3) Mike C/Dave F
4) Chris R/Rommel B
5) Mark B/John H
6) Steve G/Peter W
7) Scott F/Kathy F
8) Rob M/Roger G
9) Jerry N/Mark P
10) Jay D/Jay D
11) Jim S/Mark R

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