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November 2021 - Allatoona

Screen Shot 2021-11-15 at 8.43.57 AM.jpg

November tournament is Allatoona on 11/14

Launch from Galts Ferry.  Get in the water early and ease on out before the other big crowd gets in the way.  Do not wait for boat call outs from TD.

Five fish limit - 12 inch fish.      Weigh in at 3:00

We are going to collect money to send to Aaron Martens' family as a club donation.  

  1. Johnny and Jules

  2. Scott and Kathy

  3. Rob and Roger

  4. Steve and Dave F.

  5. Mark B. and Ethan (PM)

  6. Bill and Brett

  7. Adam and John H

  8. Joe and Mark P.


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