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January 2023    Lanier Team Tournament 1/22/23



1st - Chris and Dave 15.63

2nd - Mike and Mark R  14.86

3rd - Bill and Danny  13.50

Big Fish  - Dr Jay 4.48

Miserable yet productive day.  Raining in the AM and misting most of the day.  Right around 40º all day and solid overcast with a little wind.  I swear I saw some snowflakes!  Lots of fish caught and lots of limits. Johnny was fishing solo and this was the day he chose to take a swim chasing a 5lber that got of at the boat.

That's frightening!




Bill has ordered really ugly weather to test us!

Forecast: 39º- 46º with 98% light rain and 8mph wind.  All day...

Pairings so far:

1) Chris R/Dave F
2) Mike C/Mark R
3) Mark B/Josh F (PM)
4) Rob M/Maurice G
5) Steve G/John H
6) Bill S/Mark P
7) Jay D/Joe T
8) Jerry N/Rommel B
9) Scott F/Kathy F
10) John H
11) Sterling R/Jules D

Launching at Duckett  7:30 - 3:00

Current lake level is 0.80 feet below full pool. Water temp 50º +/-

Congratulations to the following individuals on their accomplishments for the 2022 season

Angler of the Year: Mark B
Co-Angler of the Year: Dave F
Big Bag (Individual): Mark Boyer 13. 60 lbs Big Bag (Team): Bill S/Mike C 15.60 lbs
Big Fish: Dave F 5.10 lbs
Sportsman of the Year: Scott F
John Hitchcock approved for Associate Member

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