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President's Tournament

December 11-12, 2021

President Steve threw a couple of curve balls on this one.  Burton was a tease, but then the water dropped too much.  So Sat we went to Lanier out of Toto Creek ramp restricted to no farther south than Warhill.  Water temps around 56 and weather was cloudy until around 2:00 when a bad thunderstorm blew through.  Sunday was cold and clear and the fish had lockjaw. We launched from Little Hall and were restricted to the area between Gainesville Marina and Chestatee Bay on the Hooch.

Following the official club derby, Steve had us do a few short (one hour) derbies which added much pressure to us!  Fun!!!

Screen Shot 2021-12-15 at 12.50.30 PM.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-12-15 at 12.50.47 PM.jpg

Pairings for DAY ONE:

  1. Bill and Ethan

  2. Dr J and Jules

  3. Adam - solo

  4. Jerry and Joe T

  5. Mark B and Mark P

  6. Chris and Roger

  7. Steve and Hitch

  8. Scott and Kathy

  9. Rob and Dave F

  10. Hack and Maurice

Day Two:
1. Johnny and Ethan
2. Rob and Jules
3. Scott and Kathy
4. Chris and Mark P
5. Mark B and Roger
6. Jerry and John Hitchcock
7. Adam and Dave F
8. Jay and Joe T
9. Bill and Maurice
10. Steve

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